Whatever size or shape your much loved pet is, we are here to help. We provide a full spectrum of services for your much loved pet or vital working dog.

Preventative health visits

We don’t just want to see your pet when they are sick, we are here to help make sure your furry family member stays healthy throughout their lifetime. When you have a new pet we can help to start them off on the right foot with all necessary vaccinations, tick and flea control products which will be tailored to your pets’ needs, and microchipping just in case they ever get lost.

We want to help keep them in optimum health during their prime and then we will keep a close eye on them as they become furry senior citizens.


Outside of normal clinic hours we always have a vet on call throughout the night and over the weekend 365 days a year to assist you and your pets in times of emergency.

Surgical and Dental Procedures

Our facilities are modern and we are well equipped to provide a safe environment for your pet when they require surgery, be it routine desexing or more advanced procedures which may be needed after injuries or illness. Our clinic is also well equipped for dentistry procedures to ensure we keep your pets mouth healthy and sparkling.

Diagnostic Testing

Veterinary medicine is constantly moving forward, often closely following the advances made in human medicine. To ensure we can provide optimal care our clinic has a large range of diagnostic testing equipment including digital radiography, ultrasonography and endoscopy. We also have a laboratory suite to run a large number of blood tests in house to provide a quick turnaround when time is of the essence. We work closely with Idexx Laboratories to provide the full range of testing options for your pets.