Farm Animals

The Bega Valley has always had a strong farming focus and so has our clinic. We are here to help you with your farm animals whether you need help with a few sheep or a large herd of dairy cows.

Emergencies and Sick animals

All our vets are well trained to help with the common problems seen in farm animals, including calvings, lameness and surgeries for sick animals.

Herd Health Planning

Modern agriculture is constantly changing and growing and our veterinarians stay up to day with the best practice herd management products and techniques.  We can help you to choose from the large number of products available for your herd.

Disease investigation

Herd problems can very quickly become costly to the profit of your farming enterprise. We are here to provide consultation and investigation of important herd diseases. Our veterinarians have received appropriate training in numerous Dairy Australia programs including Countdown Downunder, Incalf, Transition Management, and the Healthy Calves program.


The mainstay of the cattle veterinarians day is pregnancy diagnosis. Our clinic prides itself on accurate diagnosis and ageing of pregnancy to ensure an efficient reproductive program. Ultrasound scanning of pregnancy is also utilised by many of our vets to provide more details, including foetal sexing, identification of twins and diagnosis of cycling abnormalities. For those wanting more advanced techniques such as Embryo Transfer we also have extensive experience with these techniques in Cattle