Kitten Care: Diet

Kittens can be weaned from 3 to 6 weeks of age by gradually introducing solid food. We recommend that you use a good quality ‘complete and balanced’ diet such as Hills Science Diet. A ‘complete’ food is one that gives your kitten all the nutrition

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Worming your Horse

There are a number of different species of parasitic worms that infect horses. These include: ascarids (roundworms); large and small strongyles; tapeworms; pinworms; thread worms; stomach bots and lungworms. Worms irritate the gut lining and lead poor digestion and absorption of feed. Most worms live

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Information on Pestivirus

What is Pestivirus? Pestivirus is an extremely common virus in cattle herds, and it can cause a range of disease syndromes including reproductive failure, birth of abnormal calves, respiratory and diarrhoeal disease. Cows first exposed to the virus and infected during early pregnancy may abort,

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